Professionals working in the gambling industry can do many things to support efforts to understand, prevent and treat gambling addiction:

• Encourage your company to join the many gambling-related companies that support scientific research on gambling disorder and responsible gambling through the ICRG. Contact ICRG President Arthur Paikowsky for more information (

• Stay up to date on new research so that your responsible gambling (RG) programs are safe and effective. The annual ICRG Conference on Gambling and Addiction, held in conjunction with Global Gaming Expo, offers sessions exploring the newest research on RG.  Also, check out the ICRG webinar series for sessions focused on RG.

• Check to see if your company’s health insurance covers gambling disorder.

• Be aware that many employees with alcohol and gambling problems are concerned that their company’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) will not keep their confidence. Try to promote the EAP’s commitment to confidentiality.

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