Gambling disorders and responsible gaming aren’t just casino issues – they’re community issues. From local companies and nonprofit organizations to government officials and civic leaders, everyone in the community has a role to play in getting educated and helping to spread the word about available resources. To help educate various stakeholders about this community issue, the ICRG developed the Gambling and Health series, including guidebooks and fact sheets that are designed to explain more about gambling disorders, provide resources available to refer to those who may need help and encourage responsible decisions when gambling. Community leaders and members can use these guidebooks for a better understanding about these important issues.

Each guide is created for a different audience. It provides background on the most relevant research relating to gambling disorders and resources that individuals can use in their daily lives to address this issue. It also includes frequently asked questions to better equip professionals to lead discussions about gambling disorders and responsible gaming.

Gambling and Health series guidebooks and reference sheets are free to download and distribute. “Gambling and Health in the Workplace: A Research-based Guide about Gambling Disorders for Human Resources and Employee Assistance Professionals”