Did you know that worldwide, less than 10% of people experiencing Gambling Disorder seek treatment for it?

The ICRG is a proud sponsor of Gambling Disorder Screening Day which will take place on Tuesday, March 14. Gambling Disorder frequently goes undetected and untreated, but often leads to financial, emotional, social, occupational, and physical harms. Failure to detect gambling harm is partly due to limited screening for this problem. Gambling Disorder Screening Day is an international grassroots event designed to increase awareness of gambling harm, and support and encourage providers to screen for Gambling Disorder in a variety of settings. This event was established by the Division on Addiction at Cambridge Health Alliance, a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital in 2014. Screening Day occurs every year on the second Tuesday of Problem Gambling Awareness Month (March).

Screening is a low-cost way to raise awareness and help people learn when their gambling has crossed a line. The ICRG supported the development and distribution of the Brief Biosocial Gambling Screen. Magnets with the BBGS are available for free, just contact nmancini@icrg.org for more information!