2012 NCRG Conference Outstanding Poster Award Winner Tests Luck And Skill Of Poker Players

Researchers have debated whether or not casino games, such as poker or sports betting, should be considered games of skill or games of chance. What qualifies a game to be labeled a “game of skill” by researchers? This is the subject being examined by 2012 NCRG Outstanding Poster Award Winner Dr. Gerhard Meyer and his colleagues at the University of Bremen in Germany in the poster titled “Is Poker a Game of Skill or Chance? A Quasi-Experimental Study.”

Dr. Meyer’s experiment was designed to determine if poker is more a game of luck or skill. To do this, he recruited poker players who were either inexperienced or experts and had them play simulated games of poker while receiving weak, moderate or strong hands.

After receiving his award, the NCRG blog team interviewed Dr. Meyer about his winning project and his experience at the 13th annual NCRG Conference on Gambling and Addiction. Listen to the audio interview below for more on Dr. Meyer’s work.

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