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BEVERLY, MASS—October 25, 2023 –Bally’s Corporation has set a groundbreaking record as the largest donor over two years by contributing over $1.05 million to the International Center for Responsible Gaming (ICRG). This generous donation underscores Bally’s commitment to advancing responsible gambling initiatives and addressing health risks associated with young adult gambling.

ICRG proudly announces the allocation of two significant research grants, made possible by Bally’s support, aimed at enhancing responsible gambling strategies and gaining a deeper understanding of the health challenges faced by young adult gamblers.

  1. The Center of Excellence in Gambling Research – University of Sydney, Australia ($402,500 Grant): With Bally’s funding, this project focuses on responsible gambling programs to prevent gambling-related problems. A key objective is to boost the utilization of responsible gambling tools provided by gambling operators, ultimately promoting healthier gambling practices.
  2. Research on Young Adult Sports Wagering – University of Washington ($172,500 Grant): Young adults aged 18-26 are particularly vulnerable to gambling and other risky behaviors. The research funded by this grant will provide insights crucial for tailoring responsible gambling strategies to this age group, effectively mitigating their risks.

Bally’s additional contribution of $450,000 aims to revamp responsible gambling communications, ensuring they are more engaging and informative, similar to how addiction treatment guidelines have evolved to eliminate stigmatizing language and foster better engagement.

ICRG invites scientists to participate in this initiative, striving to develop concise guidelines for operators that will enhance their responsible gambling staff and marketing strategies. The ultimate goal is to create a more positive and effective approach to responsible gambling, encouraging greater tool utilization and fostering healthier gambling practices.

Bally’s Corporation’s outstanding commitment and generosity are significantly impacting the responsible gambling landscape, reinforcing the importance of collaborative efforts to ensure a safer and more responsible gambling environment.

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About ICRG

The ICRG, founded in 1996, continues to serve as the only funding source for scientific research on gambling disorder and responsible gambling in the United States, yielding nearly 500 articles published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Recently, it has become a global leader in the field. For more information, visit www.icrg.org.

Media Contact

Nicole Scott


Please find attached a photograph of Bally’s presenting a substantial contribution to the International Center for Responsible Gaming during the 24th ICRG Conference on Gambling and Addiction. This event was held in conjunction with G2E in Las Vegas on October 9th.

In the image, you can see the following individuals from left to right:

Tammi Barlow, Bally’s Vice President of Global Responsibility & Social Impact
Kim Barker, Bally’s Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer
Wanda Wilson, Bally’s Board Member
Mark Lipparelli, Chairman of ICRG
Tracy Harris, Bally’s Board Member
Arthur Paikowsky, President of ICRG
Alan M. Feldman, Chair Emeritus of ICRG
Michael Soll, Board Member of ICRG
Kathy Scanlan, Board Member of ICRG