ICRG And Hoosier Lottery Team Up To Support Lottery Research

Lottery gambling is one of the most popular forms of gambling in the US. In 2020, gross lottery sales totaled $82,777,858,762. However, the research base on lottery play as it relates to gambling disorder and responsible gambling is under-developed. To rectify this gap, the Hoosier Lottery has awarded the ICRG a three-year grant of $137,400 to conduct grant competitions to select research focused on lottery gambling and gambling disorder.

In 2022, the ICRG has released two Requests for Applications (RFA). The Small Research Grant on Lottery Gambling will support a one-year grant of $30,000. Funding priorities include the following:

  • Examine strategies to promote the responsible gambling principles of Positive Play harm minimization and treatment referral for lottery players.
  • Identify the positive or negative factors that influence behaviors and beliefs among lottery players who may be at risk for gambling disorder.
  • Determine innovative methods to reach and connect lottery players with educational resources or treatment providers.
  • Understand the role that technology plays in the promotion of Positive Play attributes or treatment of gambling disorder among lottery players.
  • Examine the implementation of responsible gaming principles, especially those with the least amount of research specific to lotteries; specifically employee training, stakeholder engagement, and program evaluation.

The other grant category is for student research on gambling disorder and responsible gambling. Eligible applicants are PhD and master’s degree program students. Applicants will be invited to apply for up to $5,000 for research projects focused on any aspect of gambling disorder, including prevention strategies such as responsible gambling.

To download the detailed announcements and application forms, go tohttps://www.icrg.org/research-center/apply-icrg-funding

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