Letter To The Editor Of The Lowell Sun

Dec 30, 2021


Dear Editor:

The editorial, “Wagering sports betting, problem gaming can coexist” (Dec. 26, 2021) raised important questions about the legalization of sports wagering in Massachusetts and the potential impact on gambling addiction. The fact is, we know very little about sports betting and its potential for increasing gambling disorder. Most of the published, peer-reviewed research has focused on European populations. That is why the International Center for Responsible Gaming, the preeminent worldwide organization dedicated to understanding gambling addiction, recently awarded a $400,000 grant for a first-time study of the impact of sports wagering on the U.S. Researchers at Bowling Green State University will determine a national prevalence rate for sports wagering, identify risk factors for problematic behavior, and explore how technology influences sports betting. The findings from this study will enable public policy makers in Massachusetts and around the nation to make evidence-based decisions on legalization and mitigation efforts to reduce gambling-related harms. For more information, visitwww.icrg.org.


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