National Center For Responsible Gaming Adds New Member &Amp; Approves Grant For Scientific Studies Of Pathological Gambling

Aug 6, 1997

LEDYARD, Conn.—The board of directors for the National Center for Responsible Gaming (NCRG) today approved a $160,000 scientific research grant, gave the go-ahead to seek proposals for other scientific research into problem and underage gambling and appointed a new board member.

The NCRG awarded the research grant to The City of Hope National Medical Center in Duarte, California. The grant will fund a two-year study of the ‘Genetics of Pathological Gambling.’ Researchers will look at DNA samples from pathological gamblers to examine possible genetic abnormalities in an effort to determine whether a particular gene predisposes some individuals to pathological gambling.

The sponsorship of scientific research by NCRG is part of its long-term plan to develop and promote public education programs for problem and underage gambling. NCRG is a fully autonomous, unincorporated division of the Gaming Entertainment Research and Education Foundation (GEREF) that funds independent research that will provide a scientific basis for the development of prevention, intervention and treatment strategies for problem gambling.

‘The diverse research that will be conducted by many distinguished medical centers will answer fundamental questions about why a few individuals develop a problem with gambling, while the vast majority enjoy gaming as a recreational activity,’ said Major General Paul A. Harvey, chairman of the GEREF Board of Directors.

At its meeting, GEREF elected F.M. ‘Bud’ Celey, president & CEO, Foxwoods Resort Casino, to the board of directors, and approved a seed grant program to support planning and pilot projects.

‘The award of this grant is an excellent first step in our examination of the nature of gambling-related disorders. Ultimately, we expect this research to help improve current diagnostic and treatment programs,’ said Harvey.

Established in 1996, NCRG is the first national organization devoted exclusively to funding research on problem and underage gambling. In addition to supporting the NCRG, GEREF’s mission is to raise awareness of and to develop and promote public education programs for the prevention and treatment of problem and underage gambling.