NCRG Expands Scientific Achievement Awards For 2010; Nominations Due Sept. 17, 2010

Recognizing outstanding contributions to the study of gambling disorders, the Scientific Achievement Awards have been a highlight of the National Center for Responsible Gaming’s (NCRG) annual Conference on Gambling and Addiction since their creation in 2002. The NCRG’s 2010 call for nominations for the Scientific Achievement Awards expands the eligible nominees beyond the young and senior investigator categories.
Nominations may now include:

  • Research investigatorsat any stage in their career whose research has made significant contributions to the knowledge base about gambling disorders;
  • Educatorswho have successfully mentored young investigators in the field or have excelled at promoting public awareness and education about gambling disorders and responsible gaming; and
  • Recent publicationsin a scientific, peer-reviewed journal that represent a seminal work in the field.

Guidelines for Submitting a Scientific Achievement Award Nomination

All nomination packages must include the following:

  • Letter of recommendation. A detailed letter of recommendation describing the worthiness of the nominee, specifying his or her contribution to the field of gambling studies, or the significance of the publication nominated.
  • Curriculum vitae (CV). For individual nominees, include an up-to-date CV. For research investigators, include a comprehensive bibliography of the nominee’s publications
  • Publications. For research investigators, submit no more than five scientific publications representative of the nominee’s work. In the case of a nomination of a publication, include a copy of the published version of the article. Nominated publications must have been published in the same year or the prior year as the nomination.

Submit nomination materials in PDF format to Christine Reilly, Institute for Research on Gambling Disorders ( by Sept. 17, 2010. The selection committee, composed of distinguished scientists in the addictions field, will select one recipient for the Scientific Achievement Award, which will be presented on Nov. 15, 2010 at the NCRG Conference on Gambling and Addiction. For alist of past winners, please visit theScientific Achievement Awardspage on the NCRG website.

As always we welcome your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.

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