NCRG Updates Research &Amp; Resources And Publishes The Sixth Volume Of The Monograph Series

The NCRG is excited to announce the release of two publications: an updated version ofResearch & Resources: A Guide to Gambling Disorders and Responsible Gamingand the sixth volume ofIncreasing the Odds: A Series Dedicated to Understanding Gambling Disorders.We strive to provide useful resources, both published and available online, to be used by researchers, academicians, clinicians, gaming industry professionals, legislators and other non-profit organizations. These two resources are available online for you to download. You can also request printed copies by emailing Amy Martin, communications and outreach manager of the NCRG,

Research & Resources: A Guide to Gambling Disorders and Responsible Gaming

Research and Resourcesis a one-of-a-kind publication that gives quick and easy access to a library of the most significant research findings on gambling disorders. The NCRG has updated it with the most recent research findings, showing the growing body of research on gambling disorders. This publication provides an overview of key studies by leading researchers in the field and also includes:

– A glossary of commonly used terms in research on gambling disorders

– A directory of online publications and resources

– Information about online screening instruments

– Resources for getting help and recovery

– A list of experts in the field of gambling disorders categorized by their areas of expertise

– Responsible gaming education and outreach initiatives of the NCRG and the gaming industry

A downloadable copy ofResearch & Resourcesis available in thePress Roomsection of the NCRG website.

Increasing the Odds: A Series Dedicated to Understanding Gambling Disorders

The NCRG’s monograph series provides easy-to-understand summaries of seminal peer-reviewed research on gambling disorders, as well as implications for future research and prevention efforts. The sixth volume ofIncreasing the Odds: A Series Dedicated to Understanding Gambling Disordersis titled“Gambling and the Brain: Why Neuroscience Research is Vital to Gambling Research”and includes the following research summaries:

– Jon E. Grant, M.D., J.D., M.P.H., describes the neurobiological link between behavioral addictions and substance use disorders

– Marc Potenza, M.D., Ph.D., explains how brain imaging technology can be used to observe brain function and better understand the role that urges play in the development and maintenance of a gambling disorder

– Anna E. Goudriaan, Ph.D., details how various types of imaging are used to investigate the role that the reward system, reactivity to cues and impulsivity play in pathological gambling

– Catharine A. Winstanley, Ph.D., reviews the drugs that impact dopamine and serotonin levels and how they influence impulsivity and addiction

Researchers have shown that studying the brain’s functions is crucial to the understanding and treatment of addiction and gambling disorders. While the recognition that gambling disorders have a neurobiological component is not new, research has made significant technological advances in areas such as brain imaging and genetics. The NCRG chose to focus on those key findings in this issue ofIncreasing the Oddsto provide a better understanding of the complex biological factors at play in gambling disorders.

A downloadable copy of the sixth volume ofIncreasing the Odds,along with the first five volumes, is available in theMonographsection of the NCRG website.

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