Podcast: Understanding And Treating Behavioral Disorders

In December 2009, Dr. Jon Grant of the University of Minnesota Medical School spoke to a human sexuality class about understanding and treating behavioral disorders.This free iTunes podcastof the presentation covers how behavioral addictions, such as pathological gambling, represent significant public health concerns and are associated with high rates of comorbidity with other psychiatric disorders.

According to the podcast description, while research into the biology of these behaviors is still in an early stage, recent advances in the understanding of motivation, reward and addiction have provided substantial insight into the possible pathophysiology of these disorders. Biochemical, functional neuroimaging, genetic studies, and treatment research have all suggested a strong neurobiological link between behavioral addictions and substance use disorders. Given the substantial co-occurrence of these groups of disorders, improved understanding of their relationship has important implications not only for further understanding the neurobiology of both categories of disorders but also for improving prevention and treatment strategies.

Dr. Grantis the principal investigator of theNCRG Center of Excellence in Gambling Research at the University of Minnesota.

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