The NCRG Launches New Series Of Resources To Educate About Gambling Disorders And Responsible Gaming

Gambling disorders and responsible gaming aren’t just casino issues – they’re community issues. From local companies and nonprofit organizations to government officials and civic leaders, everyone in the community has a role to play in getting educated and helping to spread the word about available resources. To help educate various stakeholders about this community issue, the National Center for Responsible Gaming (NCRG) developed theGambling and Healthseries, including guidebooks and factsheets that are designed to explain more about pathological gambling, provide resources available to refer to those who may need help and encourage responsible decisions when gambling.

During this year’sResponsible Gaming Education Week, the NCRG is launching the first edition of theGambling and Healthseries, titled “Gambling and Health in the Workplace.” Human resources (HR) and employee assistance (EA) professionals are often trained to help employees with addiction and other mental health issues, but are not always equipped with the knowledge and resources when it comes to pathological gambling. To help address this issue, the NCRG created this educational resource to help HR and EA managers learn about gambling disorders, encourage responsible decisions when gambling and understand practical ways to assist and refer individuals with gambling problems.

The guide provides the latest research on gambling disorders, frequently asked questions that HR and EA professionals might face in the workplace, characteristics of pathological gambling that they may see in an employee’s behavior and ways to help educate employees about responsible gaming. Additionally, there is a one-page flyer for employees that outlines facts about the issue and resources to learn more about gambling addiction. The guide and one-pager are available as free downloads

‘Gambling and Health in the Workplace’ was developed under the guidance of an advisory committee of leaders in the HR and EA fields, drawing experience from government, the commercial gaming industry and mental health clinicians. It is being released in conjunction with Responsible Gaming Education Week, an annual program coordinated by the American Gaming Association and the National Center for Responsible Gaming designed to provide gaming companies and affiliated national organizations with an opportunity to expand on work they do every day to educate employees and patrons about gambling disorders and how to gamble responsibly.

For more information or to download a free copy of the guidebook, Stay tuned to Gambling Disorders 360˚ for more information on Responsible Gaming Education Week activities, newly available resources and successful responsible gaming programs.

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