A Science-Based Framework for Responsible Gaming: The Reno Model

In Reno, Nevada, several years ago, Alex Blaszczynski, Robert Ladouceur, and Howard Shaffer came together to discuss the importance of a strategic framework for responsible gaming policy. Through ongoing conversations and exchanges of emails, they developed a paper called “Science-based Framework for Responsible Gambling: The Reno Model.” The authors call upon various stakeholders, including health providers, scientists, the gaming industry, elected officials, regulators, community organizers, and consumers, to unite and address gambling-related issues. Like the influential 1949 Boulder conference that established the “Boulder Model” for clinical psychology training, the Reno Model aims to provide a strategic framework to guide the development of responsible gambling initiatives and foster discussions on responsible gambling concepts.

The paper was published in the Journal of Gambling Studies in 2004.

Type: Research Milestones