Large Grant: “Efficacy of a Personalized Feedback Intervention at Reducing Gambling Behaviors among College Students”

Principal Investigator: Matthew P. Martens, PhD, University of Missouri, Columbia
Awarded $172,500 in 2010

Aim: Test a personalized feedback-only intervention that will provide “at-risk” college students with information about their own behavior. The goal is to determine if college students receiving personalized feedback will report less gambling, fewer dollars gambled and less problem gambling than students in the education/advice and assessment-only control conditions.

Arterberry, B. J., Martens, M. P., & Takamatsu, S. K. (2015). Development and validation of the gambling problems scale. Journal of Gambling Issues, 30, 124–139.

Martens, M.P., Arterberry, B.J., Takamatsu, S.K., Masters, J., & Dude, K. (2015). The efficacy of a personalized feedback-only intervention for at-risk college gamblers. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 83(3), 494-499.

Takamatsu, S. K., Martens, M. P., & Arterberry, B. J. (2015). Depressive symptoms and gambling behavior: Mediating role of coping motivation and gambling refusal self-efficacy. Journal of Gambling Studies.

Year: 2010
Type: Project Grants