​Large Grant: “Social Network Analysis of Pathological Gambling”

Principal Investigator: Adam Goodie, PhD, University of Georgia
Awarded $172,487 in 2011

Aim: Use a social network analysis to investigate the role of a gambler’s social network in his or her gambling-related pathology.

Fortune, E. E., MacKillop, J., Miller, J. D., Campbell, W. K., Clifton, A. D., & Goodie, A. S. (2013). Social density of gambling and its association with gambling problems: An initial investigation. Journal of Gambling Studies, 29(2), 329-342.

Goodie, A.S., James MacKillop, Miller, J.D., Fortune, E.E., Maples, J., E. Lance, C.E., & Campbell, W.K. (2013). Evaluating the South Oaks Gambling Screen With DSM-IV and DSM-5 Criteria: Results From a Diverse Community Sample of Gamblers. Assessment, 20, 523-53.

Meisel, M. K., Clifton, A. D., MacKillop, J., Miller, J. D., Campbell, W. K., & Goodie, A. S. (2013). Egocentric social network analysis of pathological gambling. Addiction, 108(3), 584-591.

Meisel, M. K., & Goodie, A. S. (2014). Descriptive and injunctive social norms’ interactive role in gambling behavior. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 28(2), 592.

Year: 2011
Type: Project Grants