Gambling addiction is a tough issue for the media to cover.  The field is still young and, therefore, many common questions about the impact of gambling can’t be answered yet.  Also, the junk science that pervades social media makes it difficult for the lay person to distinguish between peer-reviewed, scientific research and unpublished assertions.

The ICRG encourages the media to follow these guidelines when covering gambling disorder and responsible gambling:

• Question assertions about gambling disorder by requesting back-up in published research

• Resist the conventional wisdom that any prevention measure or responsible gaming tool is “better than nothing.” Science tells us that interventions can help, do nothing, or make a problem worse. Many well-intentioned efforts to prevent risky behaviors have had the opposite effect.

• Cover what we know and what we don’t know about gambling disorder.

The ICRG stands ready to help members of the media by answering questions and connecting you with researchers in the field. Contact Nicole Scott, Director of Tribal Nations Relations and Communications (858-729-8579) (

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