Aga Releases Updated Code Of Conduct For Responsible Gaming

AGA Code of Conduct for Responsible Gaming

To coincide with its 10thanniversary, the American Gaming Association (AGA)releasedan updated version of itsCode of Conduct for Responsible Gaming, which reflects the various ways the gaming entertainment industry has evolved during the past decade.

TheCodewas developed in 2003 and created a consistent, industrywide approach to responsible gaming, illustrating the impact the issue has on the industry’s daily operations. TheCodeis a pledge to employees, patrons and the public to promote responsible gaming in every aspect of the commercial casino industry, including employee training, customer education, the prevention of underage gambling, responsible alcohol service, and responsible marketing and advertising.

Code of Conduct for Responsible Gaming

All AGA member companies adhere to the provisions of theCode, and it has become a model for responsible gaming programs in international jurisdictions and nonmember casinos across the country as well. Throughout the past decade, it has remained as a blueprint for responsible gaming best practices. Many of theCode’s revisions reflect that the Internet has allowed the gaming industry to connect and communicate with employees, patrons and the community in new ways compared to a decade ago.

The AGA also used the 10th anniversary of theCodeto help reacquaint the gaming industry employees and patrons and regulators with theCode’sprovisions. The AGA developed a toolkit of educational material that includes communications materials to explain the changes to theCode, while also explaining the role theCodeplays in daily operations. Also to commemorate the anniversary of theCode, the AGA has translated the newly updatedCodebrochure into Spanish and traditional Chinese.

For more information on theCodeof Conduct for Responsible Gaming, or to download a copy of the new brochure, visit theAGA’s website. Also, be sure to check out the next issue of the NCRG’sResponsible Gaming Quarterly(coming soon!) for a story on theCode.

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