NCRG Insider Interview With Dr. Scott Teitelbaum: Addiction And Recovery

Dr. Scott Teitelbaum

A personal struggle with addiction and his own road to recovery led Dr. Scott Teitelbaum to build a nationally recognized addiction treatment program at the University of Florida College of Medicine. At the NCRG Conference on Gambling and Addiction, Dr. Teitelbaum explained more about his own recovery process and how it informs his research and clinical practices. Dr. Teitelbaum is the vice chair and the chief of addiction medicine in the department of psychiatry at the University of Florida College of Medicine. Dr. Teitelbaum is also the medical director of the Florida Recovery Center.

The NCRG blog team was able to interview Dr. Teitelbaum after his NCRG Conference session. Click below for the exclusive interview to hear him discuss his experiences with addiction and recovery, and his vision of what a good team of treatment providers might include in addiction recovery center.

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