Responsible Gaming Education Week Begins Today

Today is the start of the 13thannual Responsible Gaming Education Week (RGEW), a joint program of the American Gaming Association (AGA) and National Center for Responsible Gaming. This year’s theme is “Taking the Mystery Out of the Machine,” and activities are focused on educating casino employees and the public about how slot machines and other casino games work and aims to correct some of the misconceptions about them.

As part of this year’s efforts, the AGA released a new brochure, “Taking the Mystery Out of the Machine: A Guide to Understanding Slot Machines,” that provides gaming employees and patrons with easy-to-use information about how slots are developed and regulated and how they work. The new brochure also dispels common myths about slot machines, such as the idea that there are “hot” machines and “cold” machines, or that a slot machine that hasn’t paid out in a while is due for a win.

Responsible Gaming Education Week was developed in 1998 as part of the Responsible Gaming National Education Campaign and is designed to increase awareness of responsible gaming and disordered gambling among casino employees, patrons and the general public.

To learn more about RGEW, see thepress releaseon the AGA’s website. It also provides information on what individual casinos and gaming companies are doing to educate their employees and patrons about slot machines and responsible gaming throughout the week.

If you have any questions about RGEW, feel free to contact Brian Lehman, AGA communications manager, at 202-552-2680 orsend him an email.

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