New approaches to advance pre-commitment: Assessing whether a mandatory (versus voluntary) limit adherence feature and reward facilitates responsible gambling

The purpose of pre-commitment tools is to minimize gambling-related harms by cultivating responsible, positive gambling habits (e.g., setting a limit on expenditures before play, adherence to a pre-set limit should it be reached). However, operators have been challenged to spark interest in these tools as evidenced by disappointingly low uptake (only 1-10% of players use the RG tools provided by gambling operators). In the proposed program of research, we build on our previous findings that a hard lock option (where players cannot continue playing once their limit is reached) is more effective in reducing the number of visits and gambling expenditures over time compared to the standard, soft lock option (where players can continue playing after their limit is reached).

This project is funded by a grant from Pavilion Payments.

Year: 2023
Type: Project Grants