Principal Investigator: Marc N. Potenza, M.D., Ph.D.
Award: $402,500 in 2009

“The Yale Gambling CORE (Center Of Research Excellence)” is building upon existing collaborations and interdisciplinary of the PI and his research team, including the Women’s Health Research at Yale, the VA VISN 1 MIRECC (focusing on co-occurring disorders), Yale Child Study Center, Yale Center for Translational Neuroscience in Alcoholism, Yale Psychotherapy Development Center, and multiple training programs. Collaborations outside of Yale will include the Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling, Problem Gambling Services, the National Council on Problem Gambling, and the National Center for Responsible Gaming. The main research component is a study that involves the disciplines of treatment development, brain imaging, molecular genetics and behavioral/neurocognitive assessment and is investigating factors associated with outcome in pathological gambling treatment.

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Year: 2009
Type: Centers of Excellence