Funded Research

Principal Investigator: Joshua Grubbs, PhD, Bowling Green State University

Awarded $402,500 in 2021

The purpose of this research project is to conduct a large scale, longitudinal, national study of sports-wagering behaviors in the United States. The aims of this project are to establish the prevalence of sports-wagering behaviors in the adult population of the U.S., to identify risk factors for problematic sports-wagering behaviors, to explore how technology influences sports-wagering behaviors, to establish the natural trajectories of sports-wagering behaviors over time, and to clarify links between sports wagering and well-being.

This grant was funded by the Sports Wagering Research Fund, which is supported by by the following organizations: the American Gaming Association, MGM Resorts International, DraftKings, William Hill US/Caesars Entertainment, Entain, NASCAR, Hard Rock International, The PGA, and IGT.

Principal Investigator: Alex Price, PhD, Responsible Gaming Council

Awarded $30,000 in 2021

This program of research supports the development of evidence-informed strategies for promoting the responsible gambling principles of positive play, harm minimization, and treatment referral for lottery players in Indiana. Specifically, it will 1) conduct a rapid literature review on best and promising practices relevant to lottery; 2) develop and administer an online survey of lottery players in Indiana to capture key demographics, mental health concerns, gambling education and support preferences, gambling behaviours and risk factors, gambling motivations, and impressions of innovative methods for engagement; and 3) synthesize the findings from the literature review and survey analysis to identify key challenges and opportunities and discuss Hoosier Lottery’s current responsible gambling strategic approach.

This grant is supported by a contribution from the Hoosier Lottery.